Although Dr. Goldberg is a renowned spine surgeon and an expert in the most advanced spine procedures available today, his main goal is always to help alleviate his patients’ pain and get them back to living their lives as quickly as possible. That doesn’t always mean surgery.

“People see me as a spine surgeon but I see myself as a spine specialist,” said Dr. Goldberg. “My job is to fix what is wrong – to meet them where they are and to help them get to where they need to be.”

Sometimes that takes the form of non-surgical treatments like physical therapy, pain management techniques, or any number of conservative approaches. When surgery is found to be the only way, Dr. Goldberg will use minimally invasive techniques wherever possible.

As one of the leading minimally invasive spine surgeons in the nation, Dr. Goldberg if a true believer in using technology to help his patients.

“Spine surgery has come a long way in the last few decades,” Dr. Goldberg explained. “Minimally invasive technology allows me to perform surgery with the least amount of damage and scarring, with the fastest return to life.”

dr. grigory goldberg shows patient spine structure before doing minimally invasive spine surgery
patients of dr. grigory Goldberg speaking about an upcoming spine surgery


When patients first come in to see Dr. Goldberg, he sits down with them to discuss what issues they are having, their goals, and their circumstances.

“I look at my patient as a whole person – not just their spine problem,” Dr. Goldberg said. “To me, the doctor-patient relationship is sacred and it’s important to actually get to know them, to understand what they do and their individual situations.”

Dr. Goldberg believes this type of individualized approach is the most beneficial approach to providing maximum patient outcomes.

“Nobody wants to be cared for by a stranger,” he explained. “My patients trust that I have their best interests at heart and that, together, we will get reach a point where they are living stronger, healthier lives.”